DHCC to provide ASL interpreters for evoHaX

DHCC to provide ASL interpreters for evoHaX

EvoXLabs is proud to welcome the Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre (DHCC) to the evoHaX SE team as an event sponsor. At evoHaX SE, DHCC will be providing American Sign Language interpreters throughout the sessions!

Founded in 1972, DHCC began its foray into technology by developing and providing a message relay service. At the time, Deaf and hard of hearing people were just beginning to use text telephones that were hacked from military-spec systems to consumer-level systems. The Message Relay Service (MRS) utilized hearing volunteers to call others on behalf of Deaf individuals for making medical appointments, ordering things for the home, and many other tasks we take for granted in an age of widespread internet connectivity. In operation until 1992, the MRS was the fore-runner of the text and video relay systems that are in widespread use today.

DHCC recognizes that technology continues to play a hugely important role in advancing and improving the lives of people with a wide variety of disabilities. DHCC Executive Director Neil McDevitt served as a mentor for the inaugural evoHaX, and worked with a team from Swarthmore to create a website with statistics about the accessibility of the web's video content for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We are excited to be working with DHCC to make evoHaX SE a more accessible event. After all, what good is an inaccessible event on accessible technology?

Created: 13 September, 2015

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