Azavea extends its support to make #evoHaX happen

Azavea extends its support to make #evoHaX happen

The evoHaX SE team is very excited to announce that Azavea will be joining us as a Bronze sponsor!

Azavea's mission is to apply data for social impact and to advance the state-of-the-art through research, and they feel that the evoHaX hackathons support both parts of that mission. They recognize the obvious positive social impact of improving accessibility of digital resources. Further, they believe that civic collaboration events like evoHaX are an important way to advance the state-of-the-art by developing new techniques, sharing knowledge and building relationships between developers and designers.

We look forward to having Azavea's support in bringing you another awesome and meaningful hackathon weekend!

Created: 16 September, 2015

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