EvoXLabs joins hands with Code for Philly to organize #evoHaX

EvoXLabs joins hands with Code for Philly to organize #evoHaX

Here at EvoXLabs, we're extremely excited to announce that we'll have the opportunity to work with Code for Philly on our October Hackathon event, evoHaX SE!

Born from Code for America's inaugural Brigade Program, Code for Philly has been bringing together individuals who are passionate about instilling change through technology since 2012. With close to 150 projects currently in progress, Code for Philly has shown the exemplary power that citizens have when they come together for a common cause and collaborate without limits.

Similar to Code for Philly's mission, the EvoXLabs team is eager to watch the teams at evoHaX SE create solutions that better the lives of people with disabilities by honing the talents and knowledge of the very people for which these technologies are geared. With the help of Code for Philly's talented team we hope to expand the community's breadth of knowledge regarding the accessibility of the web during evoHaX SE.

Created: 14 September, 2015

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Join us to bridge the gap between technology and people with disabilities. It matters.