It's happening again ...

It's happening again ...

I know we promised we'll organize evoHaX once every year. And at that time, we really meant it too. But unfortunately, we won't be able to keep our promise.

We missed organizing it and all the fun we had before and during the Hackathon. We missed doing something on such a large scale to make a difference in someone's life. We missed it so much that we've decided to do another one in October!

We present to you evoHaX SE (Special Edition)! evoHaX SE will take place from the 23rd-25th October to celebrate the Disability Awareness Month. Even though it will follow the same format as the evoHaX that we organized as part of the Philly Tech Week 2015, it will have it's own theme - "Wearable Accessible Technologies". And also, not only we will welcome school teams but also teams from local tech firms to participate in this Hackathon. The event will focus on building accessible wearable technologies targeting a broader range of disabilities through mutual collaboration between professional developers, students, therapists, and people with disabilities.

And like every event, the possibility and success of this event depends heavily on our sponsors, participants and volunteers. So, jump on to your keyboard and email me at if you're interested in sponsoring, participating, and/or volunteering the event or need more information regarding the event, and we'll get the ball rolling.

We really believe this event would contribute heavily to the Philly tech scene and change lives for people with various disabilities! Great way to celebrate the Disability Awareness Month as well! :)

I'll be refreshing my inbox constantly for your email! (probably the least tech-savvy thing I've said today)

Created: 25 August, 2015

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