Pebble Time Smartwatches for #evoHaX Winners!

Pebble Time Smartwatches for #evoHaX Winners!

Obviously #evoHaX is about far more than just the competition, but who doesn't want to win?

Good news Hackers-the smartwatch company Pebble has generously donated a Pebble Time watch for every member of the winning team, which includes our subject matter experts as well as the industry experts! Pebble is the wearable platform built for everyone - with its always on display and button based interface, Pebble makes it possible for everyone to #makeawesomehappen.

Not only is Pebble sponsoring our prizes, but they want to help you win them. Pebble will be providing several Original Pebble Refurbs for hacking purposes! You could become a part of the almost 20,000 person developer community already developing and publishing apps for Pebble with an application to change the life of someone with a disability, or you could dig deeper and hack the hardware.

The evoHaX SE team is super excited to see how you might use Pebble to create a more accessible world for people with disabilities and #makeawesomehappen.

Created: 17 September, 2015

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