EvoXLabs wins mini-grant for TAW Conference and evoHaX

EvoXLabs wins mini-grant for TAW Conference and evoHaX

We are excited to announce that we're the recipients of a mini-grant supported by AccessComputing for both our events: The Accessible World Conference and evoHaX! We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with an organization committed to student accessibility.

AccessComputing helps students with disabilities successfully pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in computing fields, and works to increase the capacity of postsecondary institutions and other organizations to fully include students with disabilities in computing courses and programs. AccessComputing is also working to increase the extent to which information about accessibility and universal design are integrated into the computing curriculum. This will ensure that the next generation of computing professionals creates products that are accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities.

"The Accessible World Conference and evoHaX are great examples of an opportunity to increase the visibility of accessibility. We're also interested in reaching individuals with disabilities and educators in order to spread the word about the resources that we offer to computing students with disabilities and our resources designed to support computing departments and organizations interested in being more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities," according to Dr. Brianna Blaser, a Counselor and Coordinator with AccessComputing. Dr. Blaser is also the Track Keynote Speaker for the Education Track at #TAW16.

Created: 17 March, 2016

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