Free Library of Philadelphia opens its doors for The Accessible World Conference 2016

Free Library of Philadelphia opens its doors for The Accessible World Conference 2016

The Accessible World Conference has finally found it's home for 2016 at the Free Library of Philadelphia located at 1901 Vine Street. Out of the many possible venues we explored, we're happy to host TAW Conference at FLP.

According to our observation, the FLP has an admirable dedication towards accessibility and is one of the historic organizations of Philadelphia having been founded in 1891. We believe our attendees from within and outside of Philadelphia would certainly enjoy the historical significance this venue has to offer as well as how it has transformed itself to incorporate modern state-of-the-art design giving the much needed attention to accessibility.

"Working with small businesses, social entrepreneurs, and the nonprofit community, we understand the importance of accessibility when building physical and virtual spaces. We strive to initiate partnerships with organizations such as EvoXLabs in order to spread awareness and be a platform for change. We look forward to showcasing our services and our commitment to the community by hosting the first conference on accessibility in Philadelphia. As hosts to The Accessible World we look forward to enriching the lives of our citizens by encouraging civic dialogue, cultural engagement, community participation, and the free exchange of ideas," said Gillian Robbins, Librarian at the Business, Science, and Industry Department of FLP.

This partnership between EvoXLabs and FLP will certainly raise awareness of accessibility especially during the Philly Tech Week, of which The Accessible World Conference is a part of.

Created: 2 February, 2016

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