What I Have Learnt From EvoXLabs So Far

As a Computer Science student, there is always a looming voice in the back of your mind to get an internship, to learn a new subset of the field, to advance your career in some way. This can be awfully overwhelming at times, but when you do find meaningful work it can impact your outlook on this "looming voice" and re-ignite your initial passion for Computer Science. As a Spring Intern at EvoXLabs, I have met the nicest people, learned more about the field of accessible technology, and gained exposure in working remotely within a team and within an organization - and we're only in our first month!

EvoXLabs provides a unique internship experience, one that is driven by the interns and allows endless room for creativity and leadership. Within our respective teams, we are able to pitch ideas, give and receive direct feedback on our work, and most importantly, LEARN! I am thankful for the program's emphasis on learning, whether on our own through online resources or as a group through team research presentations. As I've experienced, there are various guidance styles in internships from the over-the-shoulder type of surveillance to the "I haven't seen my supervisor in weeks" lack of contact. EvoXLabs provides a perfect mix of instruction and room for personal growth and leadership opportunities, which makes it a great opportunity and preparation for a future career.

The work at EvoXLabs is MEANINGFUL - and it's hard to have this kind of hands-on experience in developing new research tools and web technologies as a college student. In the classroom, we are not exposed enough to the practical applications of technology especially for those with disabilities. Many of society's most ubiquitous technologies were not built with every type of user in mind, and I find that to be unacceptable given our society's exponential growth as technology consumers and producers. As part of the front-end team at EvoXLabs, we are conducting research on accessible websites for those with visual impairments and incorporating this research into our designs for the Aditum API website. I am very grateful and humbled to be working on such a meaningful project, and I'm very excited for the upcoming months working with other interns on different teams to make the final product come together.

Created: 3 March, 2017

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